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Feedback from some of our customers...

Colby Grace

Site Materials Manager
Jabil Defense & Aerospace Services

Good Morning Mike,
I just wanted to send over a thank you to you and your team for the work you did to expedite PN 1024074-1. Your team is a pleasure to work with and exemplifies what we strive to build with our suppliers. We understand that we put you in tough positions and you guys consistently rise to the occasion to help us support our customers.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Kristine Adams

Program Manager V-22
Triumph Gear Systems, Inc.
A Triumph Group Company

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team particularly Diana and Sammy, very much for your extra efforts in expediting our 42555-557 components through your shop. As the Program Manager for this program, I can tell you that we were facing a real issue with not shipping out product prior to the Holiday break which would have required folks to come in the day after Christmas and work the week we are normally shut down.

Please accept these gifts on behalf of the program in appreciation of your outstanding support during this very busy time of the year, and on short notice! It is a pleasure doing business with you and we are lucky to have you as part of our team.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Rigo Guzman

Manufacturing Quality Engineer
Nobel Biocare

I have prepared this letter of recommendation as a professional courtesy to Quality EDM, INC. We have utilized Quality EDM, INC. as our supplier for outsourced customized gage manufacture. Our needs have always been met or exceeded in cases providing expertise to efficiently resolve problems and or consult with respect to gages needs. Quality EDM, INC. service and support is always pleased to help with Gage modifications and or calibration are completed with great attention to detail to maintain an efficient work environment throughout the year and well within our annual budget. We have been extremely satisfied with their work and support and will continue to work with them for years to come as our U.S. operations continue to expand. I would high recommend them to you as a through and efficient company who can meet the exacting demands of a large corporation. Sincerely,

Jack Follman

RA Industries


We at RA Industries wanted to commend you on the worked performed on part number 917-500-577 Adapter Sub, as both the parts quality and timely delivery has help us support our timeline and delivery to our customer in the field. Your continued support in both quality in workmanship as well as working with us on delivery, has greatly enhanced our ability to ship hardware support to various parts of the world to support our customers requirements.

Thank you again for a job very well done.

With hope for mutual success in the future,

Bill Knapp

Quality Assurance Manager
Absolute Technologies, Inc.

To whom It May Concern:

Michael Gervais and Quality E.D.M. Company have been providing E.D.M services for our company for over 11 years.

Over the last year, we have processed over 150 purchase orders totaling over 9700 pieces for which Quality E.D.M. has maintained a 100% quality rating. The projects have ranged from straight forward to very complex. Michael has always been easy to work with providing positive feedback.

We highly recommend Michael and his services. When our company considers E.D.M. processing we don’t consider any other source.


Fred Gansemer

Quality Manager
Micro Precision Swiss

To Whom It May Concern:

Quality EDM has been an approved supplier for Micro Precision Swiss for a number of Years. They have been key in supplying their services for a very high volume product line that MPS has been producing for the past several years and also have successfully and competitively delivered other quality EDM work for MPS. They have given and consistently delivered quality product meeting scheduled delivery dates. Quality EDM is highly recommended by MPS for being able to accomplish any EDM task and is the first source for quality EDM work.


Don W. Haar

Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs Manager
Surgin Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to verify that Surgin Inc. has used Quality EDM, Inc. as our source for EDM processing of medical blades for the past 6-7 years. These blades are used during LASIK procedures and are extremely tolerance sensitive. Since the beginning of this business relationship between our two companies, we have found Quality EDM to be very helpful technically, responsive to any of our questions or concerns, and very knowledgeable of their process and what we are trying to achieve.

Above and beyond all of this, quality problems have never been a major issue, which is a testament to their process and expertise, since these blades must be manufactured to extremely precise tolerances due to their application. The quality standards for these blades are much higher than many other blades or medical products because of their use.

We have been very pleased with Quality EDM, Inc. as our EDM source, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality supplier of parts that require this process. This product line has been very successful for us, due in no small part to the competency of EDM.

Feel free to call me at (714) 832-6300, ext. 229, if you would like any further information or have questions regarding this subject.